As the most international MUN for university students in China, every year AIMUN sees a wide range of topics discussed by delegates with diverse cultural backgrounds. AIMUN provides a valuable communication platform for youths who share a common interest in international affairs. The annual participation of domestic delegates as well as international delegates from countries around the world ensures that the conference is truly a global one.

With the increasing popularity of MUN in China, AIMUN stands out with its academic rigor. Some of AIMUN’s more noteworthy committees include the Ambassador Program (AP) as well as a Chinese-speaking committee.

AIMUN’s achievements have been recognized by many. For AIMUN 2015, we received a congratulatory letter from the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon. Every year, officials from the United Nations, the Chinese government, and countries around the world grace the opening ceremony of our AIMUN conference. Numerous organizations and institutions from all walks of life also send congratulatory letters to AIMUN each year.

Apart from academic discussions, AIMUN organizes a variety of exciting activities for our delegates. In 2018, these activities may include a welcome party, farewell party, culture performances, tours around our beautiful campus and learning trips to international organizations.

AIMUN is committed to bringing people from all over the world together and providing a platform where delegates with different backgrounds and diverse cultures can voice their opinions on various issues that persist in our real-life society. We believe that this is a step towards moulding future leaders of the world and nurturing world peace and development.